Guarantees is a part of the popular in the CIS  store that specialized on hgh and peptides sale.

We*d like providing you some proofs that you can trust our store!

1. You can check reviews about our honest work by the links:


2. Here some screenshots showing that we really send items to customers and they receive them successfully.


3. Here are some bloodtests passed by our customers using hgh from our range.

5 IU of Hygetropin biz (13,8 ng/ml)

3,5 IU of CanadaPeptides (10,2 ng/ml)




3,5 IU of ZPtropin (11,6 ng/ml)

5 IU of Ansomone (15,3 ng/ml)

3,5 IU of Genopharm (9,47 ng/ml)


4. We sell only genuine products.Below you can see some photos of security stickers of different hgh.You can check them on the official web site of manufacturer and find out they are genuine!


5.We have our own warehouse of hgh and peptides!




Thank you for attention!